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NDR IED/Bomb Jamming Systems in 26th World University Games
NDR Resource International, Inc. ("NDR" or the "Company"), a leading total solutions provider of signals intelligence (SIGINT), electronic countermeasure (ECM) systems in USA, today announced that it has completed a contract for supplying multiple units of NDR-V4000 RCIED jamming vehicles (NDR-V4000 High Power Convoy Jamming System) for the 2011 Summer Universiade, Shenzhen (26th World University Games). The delivery, installation and training were successfully completed and coordinated by NDR Beijing office and Shenzhen Police S.W.A.T team in July 2011.
The Universiade, or the World University Games (the "Games"), is an international multi-sport event organized for university athletes by the International University Sports Federation (FISU) and staged every two years in a different city in summer and winter events. Shenzhen and Erzurum (Turkey) have been selected as hosting cities for the 26th summer and winter Games ( http://www.sz2011.org/eng/index.htm ). The event was first officially held in 1959 and the 26th World University Games will be held in Shenzhen from August 12 to August 23, 2011.
"With our successful experiences of 2008 Olympic event and 2010 World Expo, we are proud to be supplying our state-of-the-art IED/Bomb Defeat Jamming (IED jammer, RCIED Jammer) solutions to this upcoming important world event," said Daniel Chou, Director of Business Development. " The NDR-V4000 High Power Convoy Jamming Systems were delivered and installed to ensure the safety of the 26th World University Games and protect the event and visitors from Terrorist threats and IED attacks”
NDR IED/Bomb Defeat Jammer is developed using a common open architecture design, which will provide for system flexibility, extensibility, ease of upgrades and a reduced lifecycle cost. The system's open architecture also will allow it to be easily modified to provide protection for worldwide military operations.
About NDR Resource International, Inc.
NDR Resource International, Inc (NDR) was founded on the need to provide high-tech solutions to combat terrorist and criminal acts, and introduced IED/Bomb Jamming and bomb detection systems. NDR’s bomb-jamming equipment is based on its proprietary hardware, which can disable radio-controlled improvised explosive devices according to the tactical environment. Because the type of threat is ever changing, and terrorists eventually adapt to overcome countermeasures, our bomb-jamming equipment must constantly be updated and modified to meet the ever-changing threat. Other company equipment such as “Archangel” RMI-3000 EOD robot can be used in bomb disposal or dealing with hazardous applications. www.ndr-resource.com
Note: The descriptions of our products and systems are published for informative purposes only.  They are considered non-restricted.  However, members of law enforcement organizations, certain government agencies, and their respective vendors may contact us for additional information, live demonstrations, and custom solutions should they be required. NOTE:  IT IS ILLEGAL TO JAM ANY RADIO SIGNAL IN THE UNITED STATES.

Legal Notice from United Kingdom and United States legal affairs:  All Bomb Jamming devices, IED Jamming devices, RF Jamming devices, and RCIED Jamming devices in part or whole are strictly regulated by the US Department of State in accordance with the guidelines in the International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) per title 22, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Parts 120-130 . Therefore, if you are outside the United States of America, an export license must be obtained.  All sales and shipping are subject to license approval by US Department of State.
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