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US Defense Industry Delegation Visit to Baghdad, Iraq
International Zone, Baghdad, Iraq
An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) is a “homemade” mine designed to cause death or injury by using explosives that are hidden and set off using a variety of trigger mechanisms. Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are responsible for many of the more than 4,000 deaths and numerous casualties suffered by U.S. and coalition forces since the invasion of Iraq. Triggering methods for IEDs may include using a cell phone, a garage door opener, or a child’s remote-control toy, or may even be as simple as running over a rubber hose to produce enough air pressure to activate a switch for a mine. At other times, the insurgent may remain concealed and trigger an IED manually.
U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) reportedly expects that mines and IEDs will continue to be weapons of choice for insurgents for the near term in Iraq, and is also concerned that they might eventually become more widely used by other insurgents and terrorists worldwide.
NDR Resource International, is pleased to be invited to participate in the US Defense Industry Delegation Visit to Baghdad, Iraq on May 7th – 12th, 2011.  The US Defense industry delegation to Iraq will meet Iraqi Military Commanders and Defense Procurement Specialists, providing a comprehensive overview of the latest requirements, emerging policies, programs, and methods involved in defeating and mitigating the IED threats.
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