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VGA2 - Under Vehicle Search System
This practical and convenient under vehicle inspection video search system offers an easy way to check the underside of vehicles for contraband, explosives, etc.
VGA2 has a build-in typical light source so it won’t be affected by external light. Most importantly, it is equipped with high-resolution color camera which provides clear instant picture for users. The separated
LCD video panel and adjustable CCD camera make the operation more flexible.
      Key Features:
  • The angel for the arm is 150° so it’s easier to inspect the chassis of various of vehicles in short time.

  • 5.5'' True-Color LCD monitor.

  • The camera is equipped with special Glaze floodlight devices which could ensure VGA-2 work perfectly among dark environment.

  • 12V, 4000mA N-H rechargeable battery could guarantee VGA-2 work for 8 consecutive hours.

  • The battery could be charged with speed-charger with power protection and auto-stop function working at full charge status.

  • The inspecting angel for the high resolution CCD could be adjusted from 0 to 120º,so VGA-2 could avoid dead angel to a great extent.

  • Police,

  • EOD,

  • Armed Forces,

  • Customs,

  • Other locations requiring security inspection

      Technical Specification:
  • Rechargeable time:3~4 hours

  • Operational Temperature: -15°C~50°C

  • Operational Moisture: 95%, Non-Dew

  • Operational Current: 550mA

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