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AD2000 – EOD Disruptor
The AD2000 is a “General Purpose” Recoilless Disruptor designed to render safe IED’s found in containers such as a briefcases or similar sized packages.
AD2000 has been subject to a series of formal tests against representative targets, sensitive explosives and pressure measuring systems ensuring reliable and consistent disruptive performance with complete recoilless operation ensuring minimum collateral damage and maximum operator safety.
Recent developments provide AD 2000 with enhanced capabilities. With a simple substitution of the front barrel assembly and use of the correct projectile, AD 2000 is now able to operate as a Stand Back Attack (SBA) disruptor or a De-Armer capable of firing a range of solid projectiles such as Chisels, Slugs and Forks.
The simple changeover of the front barrel assembly provides existing equipment users with a cost effective route to enhanced capability. Other enhancements are available such as laser aiming systems for operation in SBA mode and easy fill sachets of SBA projectile fluid. The AD2000 Disruptor is a multi-shot device capable of many firings and requires minimum maintenance.
The AD 2000 is operated by a bespoke cartridge. Each batch of cartridges is ballistically tested to ensure correct and consistent performance. The cartridges are supplied in multiples of 18 packaged within an M2A1 container complete with all internal furniture and all required consumable parts.
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