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NDR- VIPER EOD VAN is designed and prepared to meet the requirement for EOD Squad’s daily routine Bomb Disposal tasks.
Vehicle Modifications:

• Automated brake system

• Enhanced back axle stabilizer.

• Off-road capability.

• Enhanced accumulators.

• Central accumulator switch.

• Heated windows.

• Fog lights.

• Differential blockage.

• Hydraulic seat for the driver.

• Air condition system.

• Light desk.


• Explosive ordnance disposal

• X-ray viewing

• Surveillance

• Communication center/radio stations

The whole package complies with UK/USA Military EOD Standard, and contains 11 following bomb disposal tools:

• NDR-V5000 High Power DDS Programmable Convoy Jamming System

• NDR-105EOD Portable Jamming System (220W or 300W)


• NDR-S209 Bomb Suit

• NDR-9 Bomb Container / Bomb Blanket

• NDR-5200 Portable X-Ray Scanner

• Explosive Material Detector

• Explosive Device Transfer Tool

• N-37 Telescopic Manipulator

• Non-Magnetic Tool Kit

• ZTS-38 EOD Water Jet Disrupter


Surveillance Monitoring System and Communication Command Center can be installed as customer’s requirements. 

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