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UV-3 Under Vehicle Surveillance System

The system mainly focuses on the chassis of all kinds of vehicles, which can identify more quickly and accurately the bombs, dubious articles, banned goods, illegal immigrants and smuggler etc. on chassis of vehicles. Compared with the traditional methods (e.g. handset mirror), it greatly quickens the inspecting speed to the under vehicles, and decreases the input of manpower and material resources.
UV-3 adopts advanced computer technology and image processing knowledge, which can take in any information at the chassis in a glance and prevent the entry of dangerous vehicles, so as to close the door on dangers and stifle dangers in the cradle.
  • Forming the image by scanning, it examines the vehicle automatically. Comparing with handset mirror, this system is much easier to inspect. It can reduce working staffs and have a high rate of utilization.

  • The vehicle goes through the chassis inspection equipment at the speed of 5-20km/h. The system shows the high resolution vehicle chassis picture automatically in one second gathering information and covering all at one glance to all kinds of vehicle bottom. The system makes a new file according to the date of computer every day and will store the car bottom picture in the file automatically according to the computer date in order to look over in the future.

  • For vehicle appearance and car license plate, they can be entered automatically or manually. The system can discern its picture of the license tag number and color and the vehicle appearance automatically, and has the function of car counting at the same time, it will store automatically and establish a corresponding relation.

  • The specialized software of scanning system for Security Inspection of chassis is easy to operate. It also can make contraction for the picture at any scale without distortion. Navigate the panorama of the picture. It just needs less than a second to draw the picture from the file.

  • The software can adjust many factors of the chassis picture freely such as balanced, luminance, contrast ratio, chrome, sharpen, angle etc. It also can enlarge the part of the under vehicle through the magnifying glass, and have the function of picking up to read and typing.

  • Able to consult more easily and flexibly the preceding chassis data, and have the manual contrast function to the picture of chassis by Page Up and Page Down.

  • Equipped with the reactive lighting control system of formation of image.

  • The machine case is waterproof, dustproof and pressure resisting.

  • Can be easily inquired according to the date and time.

  • The system has mobile type and fixed type.

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