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NDRSCAN-5200 Portable X-Ray Scanning System
NDRSCAN-5200 is a unique portable X-ray inspection system with a microfocus constant-potential X-ray radiation source. The voltage can be adjusted from 20 to 150 kV, which allows for the inspection of objects made from different materials with varying densities and thicknesses (20-70 kV is the optimal voltage for checking mail and thin objects, while 100-150 kV works best for baggage and thick objects). One of the advantages of this system is its ability to inspect areas of an object in fine detail using geometric magnification (up to 40 times).
The X-ray unit has a 40-micron focal spot rather than a 1 mm spot used in standard X-ray systems. The resolution power in this case attains an unprecedented value - 25 micron of a copper wire equivalent. Moreover, the distance between an object and the X-ray source can be minimal, down to a few centimeters or a few millimeters when using geometric magnification. The images are reproduced on a display screen of the control unit in a positive / negative form, in pseudo colors, or with enhanced contrast. For better identification you can zoom in on any of the nine areas of the screen.
Obtained images can be stored in the control unit's memory for further investigation or as a reference (up to 30,000 pictures). Stored images can also be edited for enhanced exposure and easier identification of the objects.
If necessary, obtained pictures can be rewritten from the D:\images directory of a "SD-4" or "SD-5" control unit to a USB disk. Universal power supply (85 - 240 VAC 50/60Hz) allows for easy operation anywhere in the world.
The NDRSCAN-5200 system is delivered in two handy carrying bags or in one case.
NDRSCAN-5200 has a wide range of applications in customs, law enforcement, airport security and other areas:
  • Inspection of mail and small articles

  • Detection of weapons, bombs, wires, and explosive devices in various packaging

  • Searching for concealed eavesdropping devices in furniture, office equipment, etc.

  • Non-destructive testing and evaluation

The NDRSCAN-5200 X-Ray Scanning System is easy to use, reliable and completely safe in operation. It provides excellent detecting capability with no harmful effects on users or service personnel.
      System Components:
  • "SD-4" or "SD-5" control unit based on an industrial microprocessor (12" or 15" TFT LCD)

  • Digital camera unit (1300x1024, 14-bit)

  • Interchangeable X-ray converter viewing area: 300x400 mm (standard), interchangeable converter available on request: 190x250 and 410x550mm, and converter unit support

  • Specially designed "RE-I00MN" and "RE-150MN" microfocus and "RE-120" and "RE-l60" minifocus X-ray digital generators, with any X-ray unit from the RAP series (up to 300kV)

  • Focusing device (optional)

  • Set of connecting cables

  • PC mouse & keyboard (optional)

  • USB-disk (optional)

  • Rechargeable battery & charging device

  • User's manual

  • Set of transport bags or transport: case

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