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NDRSCAN-5100 X-Ray Scanning System

The NDRSCAN-5100 X-ray inspection system is designed for daily inspection of incoming corre­spondence (mail and small packages). It can detect explosive devices and their parts, drugs, radioac­tive substances, toxic powders (dusts), such as anthrax, metal and plastic weapons.
On its monitor, the NDRSCAN-5100 displays b/w or colored X-ray images of the inspected objects created by a «n»-form multi-detector. The use of this type of a detector guarantees the absence of «dead zones» in inspected objects. Adjustable voltage control allows forth detection of small quantities of substances with various densities. Additionally, the internal gamma-detector makes it possible to uncover radioactive substances.
The NDRSCAN-5100 is the smallest and most compact X-ray scanner featuring high-resolution color image processing, adjustable voltage and a «n»-form multi-detector. With dimensions and weight comparable to desktop photocopiers, the NDRSCAN-5100 can be easily integrated into any office environment.
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