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NDR-4700 Single Side Contraband Radar
NDR-4700/4800/4900 radars series are One-Side Radar instead of double-sided sounding system like X-ray equipment. These devices are intended for sounding inspection structural components of building structures for countermeasure purpose.
Application includes brickwork, wall panels, cast in place concrete and reinforced concrete, etc.) For buried objects (wiring, reinforcement, voids, various kinds of discontinuities and foreign bodies.)
NDR-4700/4800/4900 radars series has the ability to find out not only metal objects, but also non-metal objects. Non-Radiation technology, it is safely for the operator.
Software forms representation of the internal structure of examination area. Sounding is effected at multiple (5) frequencies and two types of polarization (cross and parallel) resulting in almost 100% detection probability. The software can be operated under Windows 2000, Window XP and window Vista.
The input of the information in IBM PC is carried out through unique interface connected to the USB port of computer. Thus computer’s modernization is not required. 
  • NDR4700, operated frequency range of 3.6-4.0 GHz.

  • NDR4800, operated frequency range of 6.5-7.0 GHz.

  • NDR4900, operated frequency range of 1.5-2.0 GHz.

  • The weight of equipment set : 1.9 kg

  • Maximal sounding depth : 0.2 m

  • Resolution in plane of sounding : 2 cm

  • Radiating power : 10 mW

  • Number of operating frequencies : 5

  • Number of signal polarizations : 2

  • Productivity : 4 ~ 6 sq m per hour

The NDR-4700/4800/4900 radar series are used to be applied in the following areas:
  • Counterintelligence activities for detecting of bugging devices

  • Operative inquiry activities of law-enforcement agencies

  • Surveying of building structures for determining the position of defects, reinforcement, voids and other heterogeneities

  • Sounding of especially critical building works (airport runways, bridges, crossings, etc.) for determining their latent flaws.

      Complete set of delivery includes:
  • Radar's Hardware

  • Operating Software

  • User's manual

Time of delivery for all radars is about 5~6 weeks after prepayment
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