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NDRSCAN-400 Ground Penetrating GEO Radar

NDRSCAN-400 Ground Penetrating Geo Radar is designed to detect point and extensive metallic and non-metallic objects in various nonmetallic mediums (such as a ground, water, building units etc). The results of scanning are displayed on the screen of the recording device in real time and then the results of scanning are saved to file for processing and printing.
The device can be operated with the ambient temperature range from -20ºC to +50ºC at the relative humidity up to 95%.
  • Geo radar

  • It can be used by army and policy squads for searching ammunition, hiding-places and underground channels in outdoors territories, buildings and constructions.

  • Super wide band signals and special software for their processing along with complex of replaceable antenna arrays implemented in geo radar provide unique combination of searching capabilities.

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