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NL-8 Field Non-linear Junction Detector (NLJD)
NL-8 NLJD is intended for detection various electronic devices on the ground as well as covered by soil, snow or concealed in building structures.
NL-8 ensures effective detection of the following items:
  • Transmitting and receiving components of radio-communication, alarm and remote control systems

  • Electronic and electro-mechanical timers

  • Acoustic, magnetic and optoelectronic sensors and miniature TV-cameras.

NL-8 can be used as well for detection concealed metallic devices and appliances. The device is highly effective as well in searching electronic items and mountain-sky outfit under the snowdrift.
  • Two-channel high sensitive receiver for 2-nd & 3-rd harmonic reception guarantees an effective reduction of ‘false' alarm, caused by outside metallic objects

  • Circular polarization of transmitting & receiving antennas avoids the risk of target loss under the variation of antenna unit orientation.

  • Four step receiver' sensitivity control (0 , -10, -20 and -30 dB) allows operator to adjust adequate Detector' parameters to outer EM-noise conditions.

  • Transmitter' output adjustment allows operator to suppress probing signal intensity for better operation safety.

  • For operator' handiness main units of Detector are placed in corresponding pockets of a special vest.

  • Antenna modules are united with control panel and represents a single arrangement with convenient handle.

  • Reliable and durable rechargeable Ni-Cad battery ensures long-term continuous operation.

  • Dedicated charger unit provides an optimum operator-free charging mode.

  • Sturdy weather-dust-proof housing assures right operation in hard environment condition.

NL-8 Advantages:
  • Long range of electronic device detection (up to 30 m).

  • Discovers electronic devices concealed by various obstacles.

  • High searching process output.

  • Easy handling, up-to-date design, usable display, reasonable weight.

  • Safe to handle.

  • Prolong operation time with one set of batteries.

  • Field service ability.


Probing signal frequency
848 MHz
Pulse output power (switchable)
200/30 W
2-nd & 3-rd harmonic sensitivity of the receiver
-150 dB/W (-120 dBm)
Audio & LED
Power source
6 V/ 7Ah Ni-Cad rechargeable battery
Current consumption
no more 500mA
Readiness time
10 min
Continuous operation time (with fully charged battery)
not less 8 h
Operation temperature range
-30°С ... +50°С
5,1 kg
Weight in carrying bag
13,0 kg
Equivalent weight in operator’ hand
0,9 kg

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