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LS5 RF Bugs/Digital Transmitter Detector
LS5 is designed to efficiently search and locate all types of RF bugs, including digital transmitters, as well as transmitters with spectrum inversion.
Operation principle is based on monitoring premises to detect new connections. When in this mode, LS5 is tuned to the sensitivity level applied to this environment. Then you just move to the center of the square or area, which, as it seems to you, is subject to risk. By repeat tuning the sensitivity level, you can tune to a transmitting device at the distance of 2 m. from its location. By decreasing antenna, you can disable facilities illegally connected.
LS5's vibrator will let only you know about the presence of eavesdropping facility. If this function is activated, LS5 starts vibrating without noise and it means that there is an eavesdropping facility. If there are no bugs at the current moment, LS5 monitors possible connection in further. Display will show you the fact of presence of RF facility on your “territory free from bugs”.
LS5 is capable to detect the following types of bugs:
  • Indoor and car transmitters. 
  • Phone transmitters. 
  • Digital transmitters and transmitters with spectrum inversion. 
  • Tracing facilities. 
  • Transmitters to be carried on body.

Frequency range:
10 MHz~3600 MHz.
Charging time:
12 hours.
Dimensions (in case):
26 x 75 x 160mm.
420 g.
Power internal battery:
3.60 V.

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