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MSD-4 Multifunctional Counter Surveillance Device

The MSD-4 multifunctional counter surveillance device is intended for implementation of arrangements for detection and localization of special technical means (STM) used for secret acquisition of information, for revealing of natural and artificially created channels for leakage of information as well as for monitoring of information protection quality.

With the help of the MSD-4 instrument, one can find solution to the following monitoring-and-search tasks:

  • Detection and localization of radio-emitting STM. These means primarily include the following:

  • Radio microphones

  • Telephone re-transmitters

  • Radio stethoscopes

  • Concealed video cameras equipped with a radio channel for transmission of information

  • Technical means of the systems for spatial radio frequency irradiation within a radio band

  • Technical means for transmission of a picture from PC monitor via a radio channel

  • Radio-range beacons of the systems used for moving objects monitoring (e.g. people, transportation means, goods etc.)

  • Unauthorized operating radio stations, radiophones, and telephones with radio-extension

  • Technical means for data processing, whose operation is accompanied by generation of side electromagnetic radiation (components in a PC, fax machines, photocopying machines, some types of telephones etc).

  • Detection and localization of STM means operating with emission of radiation within infrared band. These means primarily include the following:

  • STM means capable of transmitting in an infrared frequency band

  • Technical means of the systems of spatial irradiation within infrared band

  • Detection and localization of STM means which use conductive lines of various intended application, for transmission of information.

These may include:
  • STM means which use alternating current electric lines of the power supply network, for transmitting of the intercepted information.

  • STM means which use subscriber’s telephone lines, the lines of fire alarm systems and security alarm systems, for transmitting of the intercepted information.

  • Detection and localization of the sources of electromagnetic fields with predominance (presence) of magnetic component of the field, as well as analysis of technical means capable of converting speech information.

The number of such sources and technical means typically include the following:
Dynamic irradiators of acoustic systems (dynamic speakers)
  • Output transformers in audio amplifiers

  • Electric motors in tape recorders and Dictaphones.

  • Revealing of the most vulnerable locations, from the point of view of possible generation of vibro-acoustic channels for information leakage, and assessment of efficiency of vibro-acoustic protection systems employed in various premises.

MSD-4 consists of the Main Control and Indication device, and a set of Transducers, and is capable of operating in the following modes:
  • HF detector/frequency meter, with the identification of GSM and DECT signals

  • Conducting line analyser

  • Infrared detector


Low frequency magnetic field detector
  • Vibration transducer

  • Acoustic transducer

  • Low frequency differential amplifier

MDS-4 is controlled with the aid of a 16-key film keyboard. The information is displayed on a liquid crystal screen with adjustable backlighting. Sound output is available via headphones or speaker. The instrument allows processing to receive low frequency signals in either oscilloscopic mode, or spectrum analyser mode with a digital representation of data. Its non-volatile memory can store up to 99 screen images.

MSD-4 is a portable device, can be powered from either (4) AA batteries, or a power unit. For handling and storage a special bag is used, tailored to house all the components in a convenient way.


Radio frequency detector-frequency meter
Operating frequency range
30-2500 MHz
Sensitivity at input
<1 (30MHz-1000MHz) mV; <4 (1000MHz-1800MHz) mV; <8 (1800MHz-2000MHz) mV
Dynamic range
60 dB
Frequency meter sensitivity
<15 mV
Frequency measurements accuracy
± 0.01 MHz
Conductive wire lines scanning analyzer
Scanning range
0.01-15 MHz
Sensitivity for signal/noise ratio 10 dB
<0.5 mV
Scanning increment
5(1) kHz
Scanning speed
50-1500 kHz/s
Band width
10 kHz
Selectivity as per neighboring channel
30 dB
Detection modes
Allowable mains voltage
600 V
Infrared radiation detector
Spectral range
770-1000 nm
Threshold sensitivity
10-13 W/Hz1/2
Angle of sight
30 grad
Band width of detection
3 MHz
Low frequency magnetic fields detector
Frequency range
0.3-10 kHz
Threshold sensitivity
10-5 A/(m*Hz2)
Low frequency differential amplifier
22±1 dB
Input voltage noise
<2 mcV
Dynamic range
>70 dB
Input impedance
>200 kOhm
75 dB
Operating frequency range
200-8000 Hz
Maximum input voltage
<70 V
Vibro-acoustic converter
Frequency range
0.3-6 kHz
1 V*s2/m
Intrinsic noise within the band of 0.3-3 kHz
50 uV
Frequency range
0.3-8 kHz
>5 mV/Pa
Oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer
Band width
22 kHz
Sensitivity at the input
<10 mV
Metering error
1 % of the upper limit
Oscillogram output speed
0.2 s
Spectrogram output speed
0.3 s
Power supply (DC)
6(4 batteries, AA type)/220 V
Maximum consumed current
300 mA
Consumed current in operating mode
150 mA


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