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MDS-730 Multifunctional Detection System

The MDS-730 Multifunctional Detection System is used to detect and locate various appliances used for furtive acquisition of information (hereinafter called ‘Special Technical Means’, or ‘STM’), to reveal natural and artificial channels of information leakage, and to monitor the level of information security.

The device consists of the Main Control and Indication Unit, and a set of Transducers, and is capable of operating in the following modes:
  • HF detector/frequency meter, with the identification of GSM and DECT signals

  • Identification of GSM and DECT signals

  • Differential mode

  • Control of the scanning receiver

  • Conducting line analyzer

  • Infrared detector

  • Low frequency magnetic field detector

  • Differential low frequency amplifier

  • Acoustic vibration transducer (optional)

  • Acoustic transducer (optional)

  • Control of the conducting line scanning receiver (AOR8000, 8200, 5000)


The information is displayed on a liquid crystal screen. Sound output is available via headphones or speaker. MDS-730 can be powered from 1 type AA battery, or a power unit. MDS-730 is a portable unit. For handling and storage a special bag is used, tailored to house all the components in a convenient way.
Radio frequency detector-frequency meter
Operating frequency range
30-2500 MHz
Sensitivity at input
<1 (30MHz-1000MHz) mV; <4 (1000MHz-1800MHz) mV
Dynamic range
63 dB
Frequency meter sensitivity
<15 mV
Frequency measurements accuracy
± 0.01 MHz
Conductive wire lines scanning analyzer
Scanning range
0.05-9 MHz
Sensitivity for signal/noise ratio 10 dB
<1 mV
Band width
10 kHz
Detection modes
Allowable mains voltage
600 V
Infrared radiation detector
Spectral range
770-1000 mm
Band width of detection
0.3-300 MHz
Threshold sensitivity
10-13 W/Hz1/2
Low frequency magnetic fields detector
Frequency range
0.5-300 kHz
Threshold sensitivity
10-11 T/Hz1/2
Vibro-acoustic converter
Frequency range
0.3-6 kHz
1 V*s2/m
Acoustic converter
Frequency range
0.3-8 kHz
>5 mV/Pa
Low frequency differential amplifier
Normalized noise voltage at the input
<2 uV
Dynamic range
60 dB
Input impedance
200 kOhm
Common-mode interference damping factor
>60 dB
Frequency range
0.2-15 kHz
Maximum allowable input voltage
70 V
Power supply (DC)
1.5 (1 battery, AA type)/220 V
Maximum consumed current
<200 mA
Consumed current in operating mode
<100 mA
Dimensions and weight
The principal control, processing and indication unit weight
0.25 kg
Complete set: weight
1 kg
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