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ULAN-2 Universal Lines Analyzer

ULAN-2 (version 5) is designed to detect unauthorized connection to different wired lines, including telephone lines, AC networks, alarm circuits, etc. The device is able not only to detect and identify threat, but using method of impulse location, also measure, with high accuracy, the distance up to the point of unauthorized connection.
Ulan-2 is able to detect the following types of unauthorized connections and sig­nals:
In telephone lines (no disconnection with the Automatic Telephone Station and no preliminary measurements are needed):
  • Series connection with an equivalent impedance of over 30 Ω

  • Parallel connection with current consumption of more than 0.1 mA

  • High frequency signals in line within 0.02÷30 MHz frequency band with effective volt­age of more than 10 mV by symmetric and asymmetric connection low frequency signals within 20÷20000 Hz frequency band, with effective voltage of more than 10 mV

      In the AC networks under voltage:
  • “Watch” devices with current consumption of more than 0.1 mA

  • High frequency signals within 0.02÷30 MHz frequency band with effective voltage of more than 10 mV

      In currentless lines:
  • Parallel connections with an active impedance up to 200 MΩ

  • Series connections with an active impedance of more than 1Ω

  • Parallel connections via capacitor, with response time of more than 100 sec

  • Elements with non-linearity of 5% and over, within 0÷ 100 V

  • Reactive elements with capacity of more than 100 pF and inductance of more than 10 mHn (excluding own line parameters)

In any types of lines (including those under voltage), in case the reflectogram was measured before:
  • Series connections with equivalent impedance of more than 1 Ω

  • Parallel connections with equivalent capacity of more than 5pF

  • Parallel branches of any length

  • Recovered damages in line (breakage and twisting)

  • Changes in lines due to installation of non-contact magnetic devices

ULAN2 also provides the following possibilities:
  • Measure AC and DC voltage in tested line

  • Measure resistance, capacity and inductance of tested currentless line

  • Measure short-circuit current and loop resistance of telephone line

  • Listen to audio signals in tested line using headphones

  • Display on the built-in 17’’ LCD screen the following graphic information about tested line: voltampere graph, impulse transient graph, telephone line load characteristic, parameter graph of output current as a function of input harmonic voltage (Lissajous graph), impulse reflec­tograms of lines

  • Store recorded data in built-in HDD

  • Download recorded data to PC via high speed USB port

  • When used in conjunction with the UP-7, to locate wired lines hidden inside walls and build­ing constructions

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