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CM700 Electronic Counter Measure Signal Analyzer
CM700 is designed for detection and localization of the RF bugs, with all the now known masking means, as well as for solving the wide range of radio monitoring tasks. Having high operating speed, they determine the parameters of any radio devices within the range up to 3 GHz, store them to the database, identify the secretly installed in the building RF bugs and determine the distance to them. They are capable of automatic recognition of the data transfer digital channels and can detect disguised cameras transferring data via the radio channel.

The complexes were developed on the basis of the many years of experience in developing similar systems and include the most advanced algorithms for detection of the RF bugs. Use of several detection algorithms (up to 8), each being based on the individual principles of RF bugs disclosure, allows one to detect with high reliability degree the RF bugs having both modulation algorithm and transfer method masking means (RF bugs with data transfer channels, information accumulation, tunable frequency etc.).

The complexes are designed for both express-analysis of the RF bug presence in the building under control, and long-term round-the-clock electromagnetic monitoring in one or several buildings under control. The progressive algorithms of gathering, processing and presentation of statistical information, high operating speed (for CM700 Pro modification it is up to 70 MHz a second, including data processing and storage to the database), user-friendly graphic software interface in combination with the special detection methods, give any transmitter bug absolutely no chance to remain undetected.

High performance capabilities of the software allow using complexes for performing any radio monitoring tasks: search and assessment of parameters of new or unknown signals, frequency range control, fixed frequencies control etc. The software allows carrying out both the standard set of operations for signal detection – control and storage of the signal parameters to the database, and programming of unique operations required when performing certain tasks.

  • High automation of all operations

  • Examination of both the radio air and the wire circuits (with additional low-frequency signal analyzer)

  • Invisibility of operations being carried out

  • High operating speed

  • High efficiency of detecting any RF bugs due to the most advanced detection methods

  • Detection of disguised cameras transferring data via radio channel

    Most of the CM700 features depend on the software which is always on the move. The new software versions have been developed to be compatible with the older ones, which allows for constant updating of the complexes with minimal expenses.

    1.     Effective frequency range when analyzing the radio-frequency spectrum:    0.01~3000 MHz
    2.     Performance: one full cycle without preliminary preparation – 5~20 minutes (for complex CM700 Pro depends on load of the radio-frequency spectrum and on the detection algorithms and methods being used).
    3.   Classes of detectable secret information acquisition means:
    • Radio signals modulated in amplitude or frequency by the acoustic signal, as well as some radio signals with speech closure (spectrum inversion, separate digital algorithms of audio data transfer)

    • Radio signals with complex speech closure algorithms and other sources of radio-wave radiation in the building under control (detected and located localized via special methods)

    4.   Maximum range for automated localization: 20m.
    5.   Power of detectable RF bugs: from 50 mcW.
    6.   Inaccuracy when determining the distance to the RF bug: less than 10 cm.
    • Case with a high-frequency tuner

    • Fast panoramic analysis unit (for complex CM700 Pro). Observation speed up to 100 MHz/sec

    • Aerial system

    • Special control software

    • Acoustic systems

    • Personal computer Notebook

    • User manual for software system

    • Methodical recommendations for conducting the searching

    • Converter for examination of the low-frequency signals in electric circuit, phone line and the infrared channel (with additional probe).

    • Spot jammer using nominal frequencies of the detected RF bugs. It is controlled through the COM-port of the PC, has an in-built microprocessor, the effective range is 90~1800 MHz.

    • Combined signal simulator for testing and setting the equipment that controls the information leakage channel.

    • Additional packages with special software which substantially extends the complex's features.

    • Broadband aerials.

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