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NDR-330 CDMA Intercept System

NDR-330 CDMA Interceptor will intercept, record, and play back CDMA cell phone conversations from a CDMA mobile phone network. The NDR-330 CDMA Interceptor is used to monitor and store CDMA cellular phone conversations of suspected criminals, militants, terrorists, and those committing espionage. NDR-330 CDMA Interceptor also functions as an SMS Intercept, able to capture SMS (short message service) data.
NDR-330 CDMA Interceptor is a passive system, in which no signal is transmitted from the cellular monitoring system. In addition, the NDR-330 CDMA Interceptor does not affect the cellular communication between the cellular phone handset and the cellular service provider. Therefore, the cell phone network receives no electromagnetic interference.
This NDR-330 CDMA Interceptor operates by automatically detecting the strongest signal in a CDMA service area. Working as a mobile phone intercept on global CDMA networks, the NDR-330 CDMA Interceptor also intercepts control channels and both sides of a conversation through traffic channels.
*The above descriptions of our products and systems are published for informative purposes only. This information is intended only as a proprietary notice and does not constitute an offer to sell surreptitious intercept devices. Such an offer to sell can only be made by an official NDR Resource, Inc. proforma invoice signed by an authorized agent of NDR Resource International, Inc under the constructor of the US code Title 18 Section 2512. -All sales and shipping are subject to license approval by US Department of State.
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