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NDR-JAM3 VHF/UHF Jamming System

The NDR-JAM3 VHF/UHF Radio Jamming System is a reliable, versatile, state-of-the-art C2W system. Its dual receiver-transmitters provide conventional AM/FM voice and data communication; multi-band surveillance scanning; target detection, identification and analysis; and multi-waveform jamming of target signals. It is user-friendly, PC-compatible and covers the frequency range from 135 MHz to 1000MHz.
NDR-JAM3 VHF/UHF Radio Jamming Systems tend to be the most complex yet are the most effective against anti-jamming techniques, analog voice/data communication, and DTMF coding. In a NDR-JAM3 VHF/UHF Radio Jamming System, the receive antenna receives the signal, which is filtered and passed through peak detection algorithms to determine if there is a signal present. If a signal is present, it is evaluated to determine if it should be jammed. Once it is determined that the signal should be jammed, the transmitter is configured to transmit a jamming signal. Other benefits of NDR-JAM3 VHF/UHF Radio Jamming System, include allowing legitimate transmissions through with zero interference and that it is harder to detect. NDR-JAM3 VHF/UHF Radio Jamming System also allows for using higher power, thereby being more effective without interfering with other communications and transmissions.
The NDR-JAM3 technology is only utilized in military applications and not available to most consumers. Traditional and cheaper constant jammers tend to fulfill the needs of consumer and other commercial interests despite the fact they cause unwanted interference and are less spectrally efficient. In order for reactive communication jamming to be effective, the signal must be processed in real-time and the jammer must be activated in microseconds. Any longer and a modern day frequency hopping system will be able to successfully communicate through the jamming. Microprocessors and real-time DSP algorithms must work quickly enough to activate the jammer yet still work efficiently enough to determine the difference between a legitimate signal and an unwanted signal.
The NDR-JAM3 system is currently used mainly for monitoring and defeating both communications and DTMF coding of VHF / UHF civilian analog walkie-talkies which now have become the most serious threat to EOD operations and VIP protection missions. NDR-JAM3 has advanced real-time visual directed jamming technology which allows rapidly scanning and control jamming in real time. 
NDR-JAM3 VHF/UHF Radio Jamming System is designed in response to military, police department and law enforcement requirements to monitor, interfere, suppress and warn during emergency situations. NDR-JAM3 can effectively interfere, and give warning and block all kinds of usage of radio communication and remote control signals to enhance internal security during emergency incidents. This system can be operated in 4x2 channels and FM warning at the same time using Omni-directional Jamming technology to enhance the jamming results for analog walkie-talkies (135-1000MHz). Based on the actual situation, the operator can select specific frequencies or in automatic control real-time monitoring when operating the NDR-JAM3. The NDR-JAM3 VHF/UHF Radio Jamming System combines time and frequency division, which recently has been designed with the best jamming mode to achieve efficient jamming up to 4 frequency spots per frequency band. By applying the time division, it is capable to realize “green” jamming control, which will not influence legal users’ frequencies. This is mainly for control of special environments where more than one illegal frequency is around. The NDR-JAM3 is able to effectively jam multi target frequencies, which are carrying illegal communications by using radio communication devices.
Core Transceiver
AN/ARC-210, CV-2100 Converter
Frequency Range
135 to 1000MHz
Channel Spacing
1.25 kHz Maximum
Modulation Modes
AM, NBFM, WBFM, Wideband
Scan Technique
Superheterodyne Receiver/Down Converter
Operating Modes
Reactive, Blind, Priority, Logging, Directed, Deception
Scan Options
Programmable Range, Frequency Sectors, Detection Threshold
RF Output Power
Per External Amplifiers
Typical Controller
Laptop Computer Via RS-232 to Controller
Airborne, Ground-Mobile, Pod, Shipboard
*The above descriptions of our products and systems are published for informative purposes only. All Bomb Jamming devices are strictly regulated by the US Department of State in accordance with the guidelines in the International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) per title 22, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Parts 120-130. If you are outside the United States of America, an export license should be obtained.
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