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NDR-720S Convertible Vehicle Jamming System

The NDR-720S is based on its proprietary hardware, which can disable radio-controlled improvised explosive devices according to the tactical environment. Because the type of threat is ever changing, and terrorists eventually adapt to overcome countermeasures, the architecture of our bomb-jamming equipment is designed to allow updates and modifications to meet the ever-changing threats.         
NDR-720S enable RF Jammer to function during transit inside of a vehicle, outside of a vehicle, or stationary in a room. NDR-720S EOD Convoy Jamming System with military grade antenna package is easy to be installed as a Vehicle Jamming System and converted to High Power Portable EOD Jammers.
*The above descriptions of our products and systems are published for informative purposes only. All Bomb Jamming devices are strictly regulated by the US Department of State in accordance with the guidelines in the International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) per title 22, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Parts 120-130. If you are outside the United States of America, an export license should be obtained.
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